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    I've got it working on Orange UK. Just followed the instructions on this site about "tricking the patch" etc. Everything is as it says - including the hard reset!

    Seems to work with Multimail.

    Can't see that it is going to work with Web Clippings - maybe somebody else could explain that.

    Think it used GPRS to hotsync AvantGo as well.

    Gosh - what a long night!
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    It works with the webclippings... but you need to download the necessary software available in one of the threads... do a search...
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    I had the Web Clippings working with a dial -up ISP. And they still do. Don't appear to when I have the GPRS selected as network preference.

    Is there another set of files for GPRS?
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    I've never used the dial up... But I know you have to reinstall the files once your flash your Treo. For some reason when resyncing they don't reinstall the webclipping driver files. Perhaps they aren't backed up...
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    Thak you for your help but:

    All the WebClippings are there. I change the backup attributes of files using Filez for any file I've noticed missing through experience after a hard reset.

    The WeClipings still work if I use my dial up.

    But when I do the same search (eg a word in Britannica). It connects, sends and comes back with nothing?

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