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    Was wondering if there is anything i need to do to purchase and use a used AT&T Pre Plus on AT&T. Do i just need to do?

    Do I need to run WebosDr on it, pop in my sim, and create a new profile?

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    that sounds about right. where are you getting it from?
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    Watching for one on craigslist. I want to make sure this is doable before i pull the trigger.
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    i would have them meet you at an at&t store to have it activated there. that will make sure it has a good ESN, etc.
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    here is one for sale by a member:
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    ESN is CDMA.
    ATT is GSM.
    Right, so check the IMEI, the GSM equivalent of ESN.
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    I did this for my wife and had no trouble in the store. I bought a pre and sim off of ebay. I couldn't get them to activate the sim over the phone. They claimed I needed a new SIM and they had to ship it to me. So I walked in the store and activated it there. Now my wife has a nice palm pre on my family plan with no contract.

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