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    Ok, so how do we get it to work??? Has anyone called TMobile and tried getting it to work? Let us know!


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    The *REAL* question: Who has the guts to install it, given that it doesn't seem to *really* be available?
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    Looks to be from handspring asia, but PIC only links directly to the download. I can't find any information about it from any of Handspring's sites.

    ...byt hs asia has cooler flash stuff for the threo 270 than we do
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    This is the main site:

    Looks to be a redistributor in China or something...
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    i don't know about anyone else, but i'm not touching that patch until it comes from the handspring tld (not grandtech).

    - matt
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    It starts to install, then interrogates your SIM to find out your providers, then, in my service area states "T-Mobile does not support GPRS for Treo".

    It looks for an internet connection to look for "settings" at a network "database", and if I guess it doesn't have the info for your carrier, you're out of luck.

    So near, yet so far... Definitely a teaser right now

    ps. It also does not work for my Swisscom SIM either.

    What I don't understand is all this "certification" stuff. Does Ericsson go through all this for every phone they have that supports GPRS? - With every carrier worldwide. Despite my R520 not being sold in the states, if works well on GPRS.
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    the patch doesn't work on Germany's O2 network, either

    regarding the certification: I imagine that the GPRS component will not change dramatically from one phone model to the next. So if a manufacturer gets his first model approved by the networks the subsequent models might be easier to get approvments for. Just a guess...

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    Downloaded it this morning.
    Checkout this link:
    Click Here


    I need opinions B4 I install.
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    This Grandtech is the local distributor in Hong Kong for Handspring products. This version might be different from the one in US or Germany. But I don't know why it is released here before the one in US.
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    How did a post, that I started at 4:52 p.m. turn into a reply to someone else's post. When I started this thread, there was nothing else posted, but now I am a reply to an earlier post that was posted 1 hour earlier which wasn't on the board when I authoured my post.

    Am I saying "post" alot?

    Moderators comment: I merged the threads to keep the discussion centralized.

    Immtbiker response: At least it's not a twilight zone reason. Thanks for moderating!
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    And just in the middle of this SIM switching to find one that worked (nothing did), my phone changed over from saying "Voicestream" to "T-Mobile"
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    Just to confuse you all...

    I guess dowloading the new CarrierList database file from the GPRS patch change my phone to make T-Mobile to appear. No, I didn't get the GPRS patch loaded
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    People have gotten it installed, look here (scroll up for info)
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    Originally posted by mportune
    i don't know about anyone else, but i'm not touching that patch until it comes from the handspring tld (not grandtech).

    - matt
    I'll wait too.

    But then again, it is a long weekend. :-)
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    Based on former edicts from Handspring, I would be wary of installing this updater as there is probably no way of backing out of it to the old ROM. If the phone or data fails based on this updater being installed, they will probably consider it a breach of warranty and charge you a repair charge to get it back to a good state.

    From the HS support site regarding the use of JackFlash:
    "Treo communicators may become compatible with these programs but the use of these applications is not supported in any way by Handspring. Personal information stored in the ROM space will not be preserved if your Treo is returned for a repair or warranty service. Handspring regards the altering of the ROM space using third-party applications to be a breach of the software warranty. Technical and warranty support cannot be provided for Treo communicators with non-factory issued ROM contents. "

    I'm very curious but I'm going to wait until I get the real McCoy that I can get support for.
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    It works great... Love the new features... Browsing the web, COOL... Going to try out email...!!!!!! YEAH BABY YEAH!!!! No Problems so FAR!!!!
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    Who is your service carrier?
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    My Carrier is Fido Canada. Originally it didn't work... Downloaded a modified CurrentCarrier.PDB from the other thread and poof it loaded and I call my service provider and they did something and boom GPRS WORKING GREAT!!!! Handspring's been holding out...
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    How did you install?
    Did you remove the currentcarrier.pdb file in your back-up folder before running the upgrade and installing the modified .pdb?
    Wondering if I should try it or just wait til Handspring officially releases.
    I'm with Cingular.

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