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    My connection to MyCingular Window was good for about a month. Then it started failing with error 1231. It's gotten so it fails about 95% of the time now. What exactly is it? How do I make it go away?

    I've called Cingular and asked them to "reset" my data service. They said they did but nothing changed. I'm about ready to just cancel data service. But I can't believe I wasted like $400 on this treo thing and it doesn't even do the email thing. That's the whole point. Help.
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    Go to your prefs and select network and make sure that you have it selected to "my wireless window" connection. Also see the link below from Handspring support:
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    Yes yes. I should've stated I'd done the obvious. I've stared at that faq for many minutes. It doesn't say anything useful.

    In Prefs I can't pick My Wireless Window. I actually have 4 of them now from going thru the setup progam several times. Choice always reverts to AimNet. Whatever that is. Top of the list item. So I think my choice just isn't sticking.

    The thing is it does connect once in a blue moon, so something is setup right.

    My question is more about why does Cingular suck? Are there some magic words I can say to them that will make this problem go away? I mention things like "Handspring" and "Treo" and they usually just go "Huh, wha?" Or there's this long awkard silence. How do you get someone over there on the phone that has a clue.

    My phone dials, it connects, it says logging in, and then it usually says error 1231. What does it mean? Are the lines just overloaded? Do they have my account misconfigured?

    I've completely hard-erased my Treo and reinstalled things from scratch. It didn't help. I'm convinced this is an issue at Cingular. But I can't find a way to communicate with them.

    Oh, btw, the one time I was a few days late with my monthly payment to them, they were awfully responsive. Shut my phone service immediately. Luckily it just took a phone call and a "the check is in the mail" to get him to turn it back on. Drones.
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    I'm having the same problem lately although initially, mywirelesswindow connection was great. I use my dialup isp and then I don't have those problems.
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    Who is a good dial-up ISP I can use with my Treo to get email? I've never done this before. I've used dial-up ISPs with a computer before, but not with a mobile phone. What do I do to get this service? Thanks.
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    Choosing an ISP for use with Treos.

    I suggest that you try out this page but dont choose Cingular. Choose VoiceStream (now T-Mobile) and follow the information about choice of ISP. Earthlink work very well wirelessly. MSN does too but it has its oddities for some of their dialup numbers. AOL is not a regular ISP and is not a good choice.
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    So I can use an ISP like Earthlink even though I'm on Cingular for my voice service? Sounds groovy. Sounds $15 more expensive a month... but maybe that's what I need to do to get service that works.

    So I went thru Earthlink's forms. Looks like I can choose anything from v.34, v.90 to ISDN. Of course I'll take 128K ISDN if I can get it. What's the appropriate choice for my Treo 180? Thanks so much
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    Direct from the Handspring web site, (Customer Support):

    "The error "Connection timed out. Please try again (0x1231)" occurs when your Treo dials your Internet Service Provider (ISP), makes the connection, but the then connection fails.

    When this error appears, your Treo is generally configured correctly, and the problem is on the ISP's end. This error can also occur when you are an area of low wireless signal strength.

    If you get this error, do what it tells you: try to connect to your ISP again. If it doesn't work, try moving your Treo into an area with greater signal strength, indicated by the graphical bars near your battery indicator.

    Users have also successfully maintained a connection by using a different dial-in number for their ISP. Since these phone numbers vary depending on which ISP you use, we recommend you call your ISP directly and ask for their alternate dial-in numbers."

    Hope this helps.
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    Hey robertl1, did you ever get it to work?
    I have the same problem as fact I could have been the author to your postings. So did you find a solution?

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