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    Has anyone tried using a Treo 270 or 300 on the new AT&T GSM network. I am currently using AT&T for regular cell service and would prefer to stay with them for a variety of reasons. Their GSM network was launched in L.A. this past week.
    If so, what would be the best way of purchasing a Treo (since I can't "activate" it with the listed service plans, and how would I go about activating it with AT&T?
    Thanks in advance for any input!
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    A buddy of mine just got a new GSM phone from AT&T wireless and I put his sim card in my treo270, worked great! As far as where you would get a deal on a treo without activation so you can use it on at&t's network, good luck! $699 is pretty steep unactivated, might try ebay to see if anyone is selling there treo.
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    So, if I find a Treo somewhere, it should have a sim card in it, right? Then, is it just a matter of calling AT&T to get it activated?
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    You will need an at&t sim card. So you will have to activate service with at&t so that they can provide you with a sim card.

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