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    Hi, I need some help or guidance, please. All reading I've done on Treo mail-retrieval capabilities refers to accessing dial-up services or corporate mail. I'm in Michigan and my ISP is Comcast cable. Will I be able to access my Comcast mail through the Treo 270 although I don't have a dial-up service? Is what I need to do fairly straight-forward through the installation? Also, is the retrieval automatic, or do I need to fetch it each time? Finally, where does Treo mail fit in or what is that for? Thanks very much.

    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    You will be able to retrieve mail, but will not be able to send mail I too am in Michigan with Comcast and unless you are on their network, the smtp server rejects outbound mail. This is to help stop spamming. I don't run Treo Mail, I just use OneTouch, but am still limited to inbound mail only. I miss my MediaOne that had national dialup services. When Comcast took over they said that they will resume the dialup, but it has been since December of last year and still no dialup.
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    I believe your wrong in not being able to send e-mail. I'm not an expert at this and I don't use comcast cable, but I'm on AT&T Broadband cable and they use different port settings to access they're servers away from your broadband connection. I can tell you that One Touch does not support SMTP authentication and that is why you cannot send e-mail. You might want to go to there support web pages and see if there are different port setting to send and retrieve e-mail remotely. The usual pop3 server ports are 110 for incoming and 25 for outgoing, where as AT&T port settings away from the broadband connection are 465 for SMTP (outgoing) and 995 POP (for incoming).
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    Is there a third experience?

    Thanks to you both. At this point, I've just ordered my Treo, so I can't try or test anything yet. I did visit jus now and saw this message:
    *Your ability to access e-mail remotely through Webmail is not available at this time. Comcast will notify you when this feature becomes available.

    I know webmail is not precisely on subject, but they do seem mail-challenged at this time. Wouldn't it be nice if they're working on dial-up options for the Treo community? I'm least expert, being even relatively new to cable. Until a few months ago, I was dialing in to a standard ISP through a Sprint PCMCIA card in my Jornada 720 or laptop. Something tells me that cable providers can vary on these server-access and dial-up matters. Millerhifi, can you dial in to ATT, from a remote location?

    I currently have certain web access through my Sprint account/phone (PCS Web). Will I have web access on the Treo through Voicestream and Blazer, and might that allow me to get Comcast webmail access (once it's back up)? And I'm still curious what Treo Mail is for. Thanks again. I will prevail! Or, I may settle for reading mail. I'll have 30 days to try and to decide on the Treo.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    I cannot dial into AT&T Broadband from any remote location. They have discontinued dial up numbers. But as I mentioned above, I can access my e-mail either via there webmail through any internet connection (except Blazer on the Treo because of the lack of java script and HTML support) which doesn't do me any good with the Treo! Or I can set-up a 3rd party e-mail program on my Treo to send and retrieve my AT&T Broadband e-mail. Which is what I have.
    Treo Mail to answer your question is one of those e-mail programs that will allow you to send and receive your e-mail from.
    Personally I use Treo Mail, it serves its purpose for me but has it's flaws and there are better ones out there like Eudora which is free or alot of guys have been talking about basejet which makes me sorry that I already paid for TreoMail based on all that it will do. Basejet is free right now only because it's in beta. Here are some others you can check out or search for info on them through lots of other threads on this site.

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    You definitly have web access with the Treo and Voicestreams service however I believe based on all the threads I've read over the last few months on this site is that Voice stream does not include an ISP for your web services and you need to provide your own....
    I'm with Cingular and they include "My wireless window" which is their ISP included with service.
    I'm sure you will get all the answers you could ever want from the folks on this forum. They have all been great help!
    Good Luck!
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    These cable providers don't offer a dialup service as a backup? Perhaps cable is more reliable than DSL, but I have used dialup many times over the past two years of DSL service. But perhaps that is an advantage of using a phone company rather than a cable company for broadband.

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