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    Anyone in Ohio have a Treo? I am convinced that I want to buy one but I am still concerened about service. I like the looks of what Cingular is offering to its GSM customers vs the lack of night minutes and the possible acquisition of T-mobile.

    Anyone have suggestions? Should I wait to buy my Treo until Cingular is in Columbus? If so does anyone know when that is happening?

    - Jim
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    I use a Treo in Cincinnati. I bought a 180 when they first were released. It was a nightmare. I can't begin to describe how much I hated it as a phone. Then I was sent to London for a short business trip. It worked perfectly. I decided that it was probably the GSM coverage that was killing me. With great trepidation I purchased a Treo 300 from Sprint last week and I am very close to being a happy camper. I nearly always have coverage, the battery lasts for days, and my 180 data converted without a hitch. I think that next week my 'backup phone' (Nokia) is history. Your mileage may vary!


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