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    Just a note about some new Cingular rate plan changes here in CA (?anywhere else). They are now hyping a Local plan with rollover of unused minutes from month to month (but not more than 1 year). They however are fooling with total number of minutes and night/weekend minutes. There are local plans and thus roaming is extra $$. Also, they are changing National plans to reduce the number of monthly minutes and the availability of night/weekend minutes. Word is that they are getting burned on having to pay for roaming (since their network is thin in many parts of the country), and they want to lure folks onto plans that are local (so that if they roam they pay $$). They also are getting killed on the night/weekend freebies. Read your plan carefully, and be careful what you sign up for.
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    I noticed that myself on a TV ad the other day. I rushed over to my computer thinking it was too good to be true. And alas, it was. I thought it was a feature they were adding to their existing plans, but when I looked, they reduced the attractiveness of all their plans. At least in my opinion. If this Cingular/Voicestream thing actually goes down, I hope I get grandfathered into the plan I have now! 600 weekday minutes for $40 and $3 for 550 SMSs. A great deal. :-)
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    What Cingular/Voicestream thing?
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    The Cingular/Voicestream thing being referred to is about talks between the two companies on a possible merger or acquisition of Voicestream by Cingular.

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