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    Can anyone explain to me why the 270 is not available in MA? Also, when if ever will it be available in this area?
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    Cingular may not have GSM coverage in Mass, but enterring in 01001, which is I believe the zip code of Agawam (also the lowest zip code in the country, if anyone ever asks you that!) I can order the 270 with Voicestream coverage.
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    From what I've been able to gather, of all the treo service providers, Cingular has the best coverage in Massachusetts. If anyone out there knows otherwise, please respond. This is the reason I am inquiring into Cingular.
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    From what people say around here (Central Mass), Cingular has great service, but - not GSM - they seem to be still at TDMA. Here in Leominster (01453), I can pick up both Voicestream (my service) and ATT Wireless. My Swisscom SIM will roam on both, but Voicestream won't roam on ATT

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    I spoke to a friend who owns a Cingular franchise yesterday. He said that GSM is supposed to roll out this fall.
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    Cingular on GSM may be the "killer app" for GSM in New England - I still have to carry my Verizon phone when west of here or on trips to Northern New England. Still can't beat analog coverage, but Verizon's digital coverage is pretty good also.

    Lets hope when it does roll out that T-Mobile/Cingular relationship is as strong as that in CA. Of course its all mute if Cingular buys Voicestream!

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