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    I am currently an AT&T customer but I would like a Treo and I am not happy with the progress of AT&T adapting to the GSM change. Would the Treo even work on their network?

    My cell phone is my main phone and I use 900 anytime minutes and have unlimited night and weekend. I noticed that voicestream doesnt offer night minutes. Whats up with that?

    I want to go GSM not to another PCS carrier but I am wary of loosing so many minutes. Anyone have suggestions?
    - Jim
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    I too was in your situation. Been an AT&T customer for many years and wasn't too crazy about switching. I made the switch to Voicestream back in May. At that time it was my only choice here in Ann Arbor - you know, just north of you - with the Big House. GSM service is not nearly as complete as my AT&T service, but things have been getting better. I haven't been down to Columbus, but when I was in Cleveland, I could only get signal in the city proper and couldn't get anything in the eastern suburbs. Keep in mind though, that I couldn't find another GSM provider in that area either, so another carrier wouldn't have helped.

    I know that AT&T is working on their GSM coverage, but is still not as good as anyone else out there. Starting in about June, I was able to pick up AT&T in my network search, so I know that their GSM is active in SE Michigan. I spoke with a guy at the AT&T store and he said that they are building the GSM network and will switch over to it over the coming years. I also seem to remember a rumor in the Wall Street Journal that Voicestream/T-Mobile were talking to AT&T Wireless about an acquisition/merger.

    I have been happy with Voicestream, despite having less coverage - or maybe I'm just happy with my Treo and put up with it. Voicestream is much cheaper than AT&T. I've got 800 national minutes with free weekends for less than I was paying AT&T for 600 minutes with no free weekends.

    Can't speak for Sprint, but it sure seems that the GSM standard is finally growing here in the States.
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    Even without unlimited nights, Voicestream seems significantly cheaper than anyone else. 1400 anytime national minutes plus free weekends for $100. That is nearly half the price of Verizon with no weekends. Plus treos!

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