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    So, I'm on the phone with Voicestream customer support. I'm on the road, in New York City and cannot connect with their network. There's a damned strong signal at several places - I can go to a voicestream store, put one of the "local" SIM chips in my phone and boom, everything works.

    With the "PowerTel" chip I was given, living in Atlanta no phone can connect (Treo 270 or a borrowed Ericcosn).

    This has been happening for months - every wekeend or so when I travel. I did manage to reach a seemingly knowledgeable tech who indicated that it was that my SIM was having trouble distinguishing between the AT&T and Voicestream GSM networks. So, no roaming at all and very unhelpful customer support folks.

    So, if I hadn't thrown the money in there already I would do anything to avoid this network.

    Save yourselves!
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    I understand exactly what you are going through. I went in circles with your exact problems with voicestream since the third of July. It is nearly impossible to roam for me on the east coast. I was able to have voicestream cancel my contract and credit me with two months of service. However, I am still not pleased I am still out the hundreds I dropped on the treo. Although the treo has been less than stellar itself.
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    Just to voice my two cents: I've roamed in CT with my Treo 180 and it worked perfectly.
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    This may be because I am coming from 4 years of sprint's "support" but in my experience voicestream's support has been nothing but a breath of fresh air. Friendly and always gives you the benefit of the doubt, not to mention resolving my issue within minutes.

    Your issue is technical so is beyond most customer service phone support people, which is probably why you're having a worse experience. Don't expect them to know mcuh, until you are escalated to a tech. This applies to any company.
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    I had a similar problem roaming a big two hours from Mobile AL to New Orleans LA. Apparently VoiceStream is having problems with some of the towers being put up by competing cell towers (they suggested Cingular as the culprit). After this happened to me twice, I was able to speak to a supervisor (thank you Joel!) at VS who patiently stayed on the phone with both me and their techs for almost an hour until they figured out how to override the tower problem...which was only effecting dualband phones in the first place. Since then, I've had no trouble roaming anywhere in AL, FL, MS, LA, NY, or NJ. Will be checking out CA next, but I don't anticipate any problems.

    I'm very happy with my VS service.
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    Oh the people on the phone have generally been nice, but of the tries I've had, I have only been able to get a tech on the phone twice. Usually it's "someone will get back in touch with you in 24-48 hours" adn by that time I'm no longer roaming. Phone is absolutely solid in my home area and in some roaming cities, just not NY or Boston (so far).

    I do suspect it's the other GSM networks that are causing problems - they finger AT&T as the culprit in NY.

    Very very frustrating to walk to a voicestream store, borrow a local SIM card, put it in my phone and have perfect reception, put mine in and get "unable to register on network" and be told again and again by them that "well, maybe it's your signal strength, give me your zip, etc..." there has to be an easier way to get to a technical resource.
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    The wireless industry all seem to have their own nuiances but as an x-sprint customer Voicestream seems pretty wonderful in comparision to Sprint.

    Voicestream vs Sprint.

    The voice quality and signal in Dallas is certainly much better by far.
    The rates are much cheaper.
    I have had no issue with domestic roaming
    I have been even roaming in the UK with 100% success.
    The operators are actually friendly and seem to give a damn.

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