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    So two months ago I bought an unlocked pre plus from ebay. No problems there, I love it. I reallllly love it ( moved from an 8900) and have found the community here great.

    Anyway.. My hardware isn't great (go figure) so I was wondering what you all thought...

    My plan is to buy a no commitment one from AT&T in store, swap devices after doing a full backup etc then take it back.

    What do you think? Possible?

    Cheers, any advice/tips really appreciated
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    Are you asking if it's ok to swap devices and take the bad one back as if it was the one you just got?

    If that's the case, not only will it not work because the actual ESN of the phone is scanned just to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen, but it is also fraudulent and against our Forum Guidelines.

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