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    I'll be doing some travelling in France and am wondering if my US-purchsed Treo work there.

    If so, is it possible to set up a temporary/short term account with a European carrier?
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    This question has been asked and answered in multiple threads on this discussion forum (do a search). In short, if you have a T180/270, you are good to go. If you search Google for SIM cards, there are no shortage of folks who will sell you prepaid SIMs for virtually every European country you might visit. Far cheaper than the international roaming agreements with most US service providers.
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    Make sure your account is set up for international roaming. I use voicestream and have used my Treo 270 (US) in Denmark on several occasions. Voicestream publishes the roaming rates on their web site. It works perfectly and the rates are reasonable. SMS is not guaranteed, but it worked for me but very slow. You will find that the signal strength in Europe is better than that in the U.S.
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    When you get a prepaid simm card, do you keep your original phone number? Or do you get a number associated with the simm?
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    Do a Google search for International SIM cards, and check out the suppliers (e.g. for all the info you need. Yes, you get a new local phone number with the prepaid SIMs.
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    Here's another thread on using your US Treo in Europe:
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    No, if you get a prepaid SIM card you get a local number for wherever you are. The only way to keep your existing number is to use roaming with one of the US carriers that have roaming agreements like Voicestream or AT&T. THe cost of calls is much higherr though, but is the price you pay for convenience.

    A word of caution from personal experience. When you use your local number in a different time zone, you are likely to get calls in the middle of the night from people who don,t know you are there and not here. Of course you could always turn your phone off.
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    If you travel to Europe you will want to get another sim card if you plan on making local phone calls. It's very simple. You pay around 50 euro for a non contracted sim card. Be advised the U.S. Treo works on two band freqs. 900 and 1900. So you have to find a cell phone provider that supports 900 freq. not every cell phone carrier supports 900. Some support both 900 and 1800 and some only support 1800. Here's a web site that will tell you what are the gsm cell phone carriers for every country in the world. Also it will give you all the info about that carrier and will tell you what freq that carrier supports. GSM world Also here's a free internet service provider since using a non contracted sim card you can't use cell phone providers as a ISP unless you buy a contracted sim card from them. Here's one I know works well in Germany. It's mobil. In pref. choose network. Enter mobil in service spot. Enter Freenet in user spot. Enter mobil for password and enter 22243 for the phone number. Word to the wise the internet eats up your calling cards very quick. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to send emails thru SMS app. I need the sms email center # and the D-1 reps don't understand what I'm asking for. Have fun.
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