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    does the data plan cover texting? or do i need to have both a data plan and a seprate texting plan? My provider is AT&T and I'm looking to lower my cost. I'm paying $30 for a family plan for unlimted texting? That made the most sense a year ago... Most of the texting is done by, who else, my 14 yr old daughter. My wife and I do what a typical 50yr old couple do. text our daughter and maybe a few of our relatives & friends... no where near the thousands my daughter does... so, I was thinking that if my data plan already covers texting, i could drop thew $30 charge and get unlimited for my daughter and a small limit for my wife, thus lowering my overall cost. of course, then, be sneaky, i'd up my data plan from the measly 200mb to a 2 gig plan and maybe come out even??

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    Data and texting are two different plans. I'm not sure about AT&T but often the two plans have higher prices than if bundled together. MMS would use data though.
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    As an FYI..

    Under Bell Canada,
    If you have the Fab10 unlimited Data plan (no longer available), MMS is NOT COVERED under the data plan or Text portion of the plan.

    Completely ludicrous. They charge 50 cents for every MMS sent.
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    thanks guys... guess no way to reduce my costs going down that avenue...

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