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    Hey All,

    I know this company has been mentioned before on this board but I just wanted to start a new thread to say again how well they seem to work with our Treos.


    Is the ISP I'm talking about. They have prepaid plans for 10 hours (3.95), 20 hours (6.95) per month and the unused hours roll forward. There is also a $9.95/120 hours per month plan (but the hours expire at the end of the month). All plans can either be auto-renewing or you can do it manually. If your account runs out they even give you a special "Add more hours" login to re-up your plan.

    They seem to have plenty of local access numbers (at least for me in the NE region), they fully support the Treos with full setup instructions on their web page. I haven't had a connection problem with them yet on my Treo.

    There support has been terrific so far, very responsive through email and provided me with a toll free number for future faster response if I wanted.

    One thing they did for me was remove an advertisement from the bottom of my outgoing emails "Sign up now at" or something to that effect when I told them that I couldn't send email with their advert/sig on all my mail - very unprofessional looking.

    Anyway, good cheap (goodbye Earthlink at $21.95 per month) ISP solution for use Treo users!

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    Thanks for the great info. Sounds like a nice plan once my UUnet account is up.
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    #3 is $5.95 for unlimited.

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    Originally posted by quake97 is $5.95 for unlimited.

    Looks good, as long as you don't need to ever call them for support:

    Online Support is always free. If you prefer Telephone support you can call us at 888-A4L-0533 (888-245-0533) or 770-349-3422 (Your account will be charged $5.00 per call.)
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    I've used Budget Dialup on my Treo270 for over a month and it's great. I highly recommend it to anyone with a Treo 180/270.
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    I guess I should just mention that often times DSL service comes with a dialup account! I often use SBC dialup when the ISDN line ain't working.
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    For those who are really 'frugal' here's a discussion on a free ISP. Works for me
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    Hi. On your recommendation I tried Budget Dialup. I have set it up using the Network Prefs for the local dialup number and my connection times out every time. I've never been able to login from Prefs, Blazer or Basejet. I've even tried access numbers from other close-by cities without success. For anyone who is using this service, any suggestions. I'm still waiting to hear back from Budget Dialup Customer Support (you know sent an email, left a message, we'll get back with you yadayadayada)
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    That's very strange, my experience has been just the opposite. It sounds like a VS problem though.

    Did you have any experiences with any other ISP's to compare it to? I used Earthlink for a while and had a lot of problems - but I believe those were VS related too.

    Good Luck,

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    I've seen several references here to these two services, so I went to the sites to do a quick review because I fear/hear I'll need a dial-up service to supplement my cable ISP if I want to send out mail from/keep the Treo.

    Budget is a prepaid system that does look good as a back up service, or for "infrequent" or "casual" Treo users as the site suggests. It would be quite expensive for frequent users and there is the burden of having to monitor your usage, something few of us are used to. Two very encouraging signs: the PDA user is a target customer, and their dedicated Treo page gives me a lot of confidence. But a quick check of access numbers (which, BTW, you have to do city-by-city or AC-by-AC) did not impress me. You'll have to check if they meet your needs.

    Access4less does seem like a better -actually amazing- deal and the access numbers for the areas I checked (MI, PA, and CO -they can be checked by State) are as good as I've seen. Another good backup, and even a primary ISP option if their numbers work for you and you can do without toll-free support. But, there's little evidence that they would support a Treo (their support page list only Windows OSs), and frankly their web site did not impress me and I've learned to screen out vendors on this admittedly biased basis.

    Both companies appear to have extraordinary privacy statements. I couldn't get a sense for how long either has been in business.

    Two bottom lines for now: 1, the bostonguy has reported a good experience using Budget on a Treo; and 2, Budget speaks Treo.

    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Yes, I've been using my corporate modem pool for internet access using VS without any problems (at least in town). If I try to dial into this modem pool from out of town (long distance) I timeout. I'll try to check with VS about Budget and I'll try to access the budget service by landline from my laptop. It that connects without a problem you might be right it might be VS. But if that's true why does my corporate modem access work. hmmmmm? still

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