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    No reception at all. I'm pissed. I'm here for three days in the Bentonville, Arkansas area with no phone while Cingular Users and Verizon Users' phones are working fine.

    There's even someone with crappy AT&T with reception.

    VoiceStream STINKS!

    Handspring....please add more carriers!!! Strike some deals! Please!
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    They already have a deal with Sprint. See Treo 300. As for your phone, it's GSM. GSM covereage in this country ain't great. That you should have known before you got the phone.
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    Sadly, I did know that before I purchased the phone. It doesn't make it any better though, does it?
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    Sadly, you are correct. But I hear stripping down to your underwear, hopping on one foot while spinning around in your boss's office has been proven to improve cell phone coverage....

  5.    #5 seems you know me and some of my history. I was drunk. I was young. I really NEEDED that job.

    It shouldn't even have to come up when talking about poor decisions in service providers.

    Why did I know that would come to haunt me again!?

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