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    I have had a 270 for about a week, and am a little disappointed with Cingular coverage where I live, Petaluma, CA, about 40 miles north of San Francisco.

    I am thinking about returning the 270, cancelling Cingular, and waiting for the Treo 300 to come out with Sprint. But I don't know that Sprint will be any better where I live.

    Do you have any insight into this? Any info on Cingular vs. Sprint in this area? Any websites where I might find that info (I searched and nothing jumped out at me).

    Thanks a lot,

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    My dad lives up there (I am in Hayward) and I loose service every time I go out there. (I have Sprint) AT&T is (sad to say) the best provider in that area.
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    I returned the 270 (Cingular) and got the 300 (Sprint). Sprint coverage is better in my area, at least in my experience.

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