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    Crazy how much these phones have dropped in value, a unlocked Palm Pre Plus from AT&T was getting $500 just a couple weeks ago, now around $400? This phone is worse than a new car being driven off the lot. Why are these losing value so fast?
    What are other people finding these for, and where? I can't believe this phone is losing it's value so fast, even unlocked. What a joke!
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    Now that they're free on Amazon with a new 2 year service plan, hard to see how the prices are going to go anywhere but down- even after you pay the ETF, you're still at under $400.

    Amazon would hit you up for penalty if you ditch out before ?6 months I think, but even so.....
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    That's the Smart Phone market.
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    The value is dropping because no one wants them. Plain and simple. Check this out, this is the price graph on

    Screen shot 2010-07-02 at 3.50.07 PM.png
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    I showed att store the amazon ad, and even though it said 1 cent for new contracts only, I convinced them to give it to me for a penny, and give me $30 off the next month bill.

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