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    I am working a new SMS feature to add to the site, and would like to confirm that the following e-mails works:



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    The voicestream one works, though it may not be long for this world. When I send an e-mail from my Treo, the return address is username@tmomail.

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    Whoops, that's

    And of course there are no spaces in teh number, but I get your drift.
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    I was told that Cingular wants:

    xxx xxx

    Give it a try.
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    I only have a Voicestream account... so I can't test the Cingular and AT&T SMS gateways. Let me know what works for you.
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    Yes, that's the way my Cingular account to my TREO works, but WITHOUT spaces or dashes/hyphens between the numbers.


    I was told that Cingular wants:

    xxx xxx
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