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    With my old Visorphone, I had no problems connecting with Voicestream's ISDN. I've read all the threads about the Treo but still cannot connect. I either get timeout message or server busy. What are the correct settings? Do I use wireless modem setting and what is the correect modem command line?
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    Read THIS THREAD for more info.
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    The info from that thread IS the exact info I used on my VISORPHONE and it worked perfectly. The problem is that on my TREO 180 it will not work at all!

    I asking to see if there are different settings for the TREO.
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    It should be the same... sorry, I don't own a treo so I can answer your question, but I'm almost sure it's the same settings.
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    There could be problems with the network. For a long time, the northeast could not connect ANY data calls. Maybe similar problems are happening in your area. You should call VoiceStream & speak with a data services tech.

    BTW - I recently had to use to my VisorPhone when my Treo was broken. I couldn't use the ISDN settings because there was no Connections Preference where I could set the Init string. How did you set the init string on the VisorPhone?

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    I have the same problem actually! I used to be able to use ISDN but now nothing. I have all the settings the way they are in that thread. When I dial the number by hand it says that VoiceStream user is not available or something.

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    I called Voicestream and was told that the ISDN numbers are being phased out with the whole T-mobile roll up. I guess they could be pulling my leg, but I can't get my treo to use the same settings that worked on the visorphone.

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    I was able to connect via VS ISDN this MORNING with my Edge and 8290... I'm in VS's NW Market (Seatte)
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    Well, I was able to connect with my AT&T Worldnet account with both the "wireless modem" (with the unmodified init string) connection as well as the "custom" (with the VISORPHONE settings) connection so I know the wireless modem works. Still can't connect to Voicestream ISDN!!!
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    I read on VoiceStream's website that they are 'going away' and becoming T-Mobile. I think this changeover may be happening where you are because the first thing to go would probably be the ISDN service.

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    They're NOT simply going to "throw away " the data service just because they're changing names... it's a service that they're supposed to be providing, and if they took it away, people would be pissed off.

    Call again, get escalated to a technical rep or someone who knows about data services. For sure this still works because people wouldn't be able to use WAP over CSD either...

    It's probably something on your account

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