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    Coverage for the Voicestream T-Mobile service is now at 100% in all 8000 nationwide GSM locations. A recent filing with the FCC, July 16, shows that they have completed their service roll-out.

    So now the question is, has Handspring been caught with their pants down and not ready with the GPRS update. I know many of you have written that you have a Beta of this update but really, where is it at from a release standpoint. I believe those of you who have received the Beta GPRS update are outside the US?!?

    I have a GPRS PCMCIA card and on the T-Mobile service in SFO and PHX, I am getting 52kbps down and 28kbps up. I am very impressed with the speed with sites that are optimized for mobile use, very! I would just love to see how it is on my 270 now.

    As for the Voicestream rate plan, I went with the $39.95 on my PCMCIA card and in my first month, I only used a lousy 4MB! I always pick the wrong plan :-( those MB's just go wasted.

    Anyway, I was just updating everyone who has Voicestream and asking those who have the Beta where they feel a release could be at.

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    The most recent estimate for the GPRS patch is this quarter.
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