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    Last Saturday, I went into the T-Mobile store here on Long Island, to see what phones they had to offer, and to see if they had any information on when a Pre + might be coming to T-Mobile.

    I was the only customer in the store (it was 10 am, they had just opened), and after looking through all of the phones, I approached the salesman and asked him if he had any idea if, and when the Palm Pre would be coming to T-Mobile.

    He told me that they will eventually get it, just as they are going to get the iPhone next winter, now that AT&T's exclusivity is up. He said the Pre was a terrific phone, and that he didnt see anything in his inventory showing it was coming, but, because it is a GSM smartphone, he was certain that T-Mobile will eventually get it.

    He asked what phone I currently use, and I whipped out my Treo 650, now almost 6 years old, and he smiled and remarked what a great phone that was, and how it was way ahead of its time.. it was nice to talk with someone who actually knew the whole smartphone history.. he wasn't an old timer either.. he was fairly young, maybe in in late 20's.

    So, anyway, I wanted to post this for those who may be like me, waiting for an unlocked-by Palm GSM for North America 3G WebOS device; if this gentlemen is correct, we might have the ability to get the Pre+ on T-Mobile, and, hey, who knows, if PALM wakes up and realizes that they can sell more WebOS phones to the majority of phone users in the world that are GSM and 3G 900/2100 bands and releases their next smartphone with that option, we might have 2 choices in that time frame!

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Couple of thoughts:
    - I would expect Palm to offer up an unlocked GSM Pre + before TMobile does.
    - A good salesman will always find a way to complement you on your device, even if it is 6 years old. You should test that by coming in next time with a RAZR and see what he says
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    Not to burst your bubble on iPhone (if you were hoping for it) but it was recently disclosed that the original exclusivity agreement for iPhone on AT&T was 5-years or until 2012. I suppose "next winter" could mean January 2012 though.

    Article is on CNN - it won't let me post a link as I don't have enough posts.

    AT&T has iPhone exclusivity until 2012
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