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    I never thought I would see this day. I am ditching my iPhone 3GS for a Palm Pre Plus. Everyone's been calling me crazy, stupid and downright dumb for doing the switch, but I know I'm making a smart choice especially with an OS that works amazing and which I think will slowly take big jumps in the cell phone world.

    The AT&T Palm Pre Plus is such a great device. Runs so fast and smooth, takes great pics and the keyboard works great. I'm really happy with it and I know I'm going to love this phone. Just a few days before I finally get mine.

    Few questions though that I have:

    How big is the Palm app store? How often are new apps coming out? Do they have a refund policy like Android? That's one thing I hate about Apple, no refund policy.

    Also, I get a free touchstone charger with it, does it work good? I really think its cool and I see alot of hype around it. Thanks!

    I hope the people from TiPb don't find me here. Lol.
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    touchstone charger is the greatest invention since the cellular phone !!!

    it can be somewhat annoying if you dont take the time to put it on the touchstone properly though lol , because it will keep making this toing toing toing sound until you fix it
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    New apps come out everyday and most apps that you get will be updated frequently.

    The app store is still small and there's not a lot of useful apps but as the phone grows and more APIs are released, so does the app store.
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    The app store is still small and there's not a lot of useful apps
    there are over 2,250 apps right now...and that's not including the apps available through homebrew. it's small compared to other stores but you'll find about 90% of the apps you're looking for. and honestly most of the stuff can be done on the web anyways
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    Also the apps are much less $'s than Apple's, plus there are a ton of free apps that are quite useful, not to mention the homebrew apps and patches. Welcome to PreCentral and enjoy your new Pre.
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    Thanks for the answers! Is there any return policy for the apps?
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    i don't think there is a return policy, but the reviews option on the apps is really helpful in telling u if it's a good app or junk so u should have an idea before u download (unless you're one of the first to download lol). also, pretty much all the apps that are unknown are free or $.99, and the more well known apps arent much more, usually ranging from $1.99 to $4.99...with very few costing more than that with the exception of a few apps and some 3d games.
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    Beware of the Touchstone. Once you get one, you want another one for your other desk (just because it looks cool). Then you want a third, and a forth, and a fifth, and so on....
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    don't forget the tons of apps available that are likely to work through Classic! Welcome to the world of Palm Pre it's great here! Ditto the touchstone addiction - I've got home, car and office covered - think one for the motocycle may be pushing it...
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!

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