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    Okay, I need some help here... For those who have purchased the AT&T Palm Pre Plus...

    I qualify for AT&T upgrade... been waiting since January 2009 for Pre on AT&T... but I want to make sure that I am selecting the right 'data' plan for the Pre.

    Here is what I want.

    unlimited text message
    unlimited access to the internet/mobile video
    Tether ability
    GPS Navigation

    Data Plan suggestions???

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Unlimited data and messaging is $50 (there are only two options now and unlimited data only is $30). Tethering is only going to be an option with MyTether or freetetherd/Patched Mobile Hot Spot. AT&T has a tethering option that shows up when you ask about data plans, but it didn't show up on the part where you can actually select it. Freetetherd/Patched Mobile Hot Spot combo definitely works, though. There's a thread here that explains what to do and where to get the files.

    GPS Navigation (as in turn by turn) from AT&T is going to cost you another $10 a month. Google Maps comes on the Pre already. If you're just looking for location and maps, that may be good enough for until Google decides if they're going to release their Navigation software for other platforms.
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