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    Thanks for the post. It worked out great.


    Not sure where you live for access to access numbers, but try for a pretty good deal. It's a pre-paid service, but has all the bells and whistles of Earthlink.

    Here are the details:
    Nationwide access numbers
    Toll free customer support
    Free email account
    10 hours for $3.95 (over one year)
    20 hours for $6.95 (over one year)
    30 days for $9.95 (120 hours)

    It's worked well for me, especially since I only check e-mails on my Treo a couple of times a day. Beats $39/mo. The downside is that your online minutes come out of your monthly total.
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    This is great!. There is no access number in my area but since I have free long distance to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah I can use any number in those states! I've been paying $9.95 a month for 25 hours and only using about 10 a month!

    Majic JayJ

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