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    Well hello there!

    Before I begin, I want you to know that I was coming from an unlocked Trēo Pro on a pre-paid account with AT&T. Meaning; I had the option to get the PrPrPr&#$275$; $Plus$ $basically$ $for$ $free$ $with$ $Verizon$ $and$ $did$ $not$. $And$ $had$ $the$ $option$ $to$ $wait$ $for$ $the$ $HTC$ $Evo$ $and$ $did$ $not$. $Originally$ $I$ $did$ $have$ $in$ $mind$ $that$ $I$ $would$ $do$ $a$ $test$ $run$ $until$ $the$ $HTC$ $Evo$ $came$ $out$, $but$ $I$ $will$ $not$ $be$ $letting$ $go$ $of$ $this$ $phone$ $and$ $here$ $is$ $why$.

    It just flows.

    Words cannot describe how everything just flows together.
    [so I should have stopped there, but no, carry on ;P]

    Saying that the PrPrPr&#$275$; $Plus$ $handles$ $multitasking$ $is$ $a$ $huge$ $understatement$. $Not$ $only$ $does$ $the$ $card$ $interface$ $work$ $so$ $fluidly$ $and$ $well$, $the$ $gestures$ $are$ $like$ $having$ $a$ $hidden$ $minority$ $report$ $styled$ $input$ $device$ $from$ $the$ $year$ $2000$-$freakin$í-$54$ $in$ $your$ $fingertips$ ($that$í$s$ $2054$ $by$ $the$ $way$, $not$ $2000$ $or$ $1954$.. ;).

    I feel so giddy when I - *oh my god Iím too ecstatic for this phone*. I will explain my love in greater detail on a video review, because I want to end this quickly so I can play with it more [the phone that is].


    This keyboard rocks! I remember playing with my friendís original PrPrPr&#$275$; $and$ $thinking$ $that$ $the$ $keys$ $felt$ $squishy$ $and$ $bunched$ $together$ $in$ $comparison$ $to$ $my$ $Tr$&#$275$;$o$ $Pro$. $Well$, $this$ $keyboard$ $is$ $awesome$. $I$ $type$ $fast$ $as$ $hell$, $one$ $hand$ $action$ $is$ $great$ [$will$ $be$ $testing$ $that$ $on$ $the$ $subway$ $today$, $typing$ $that$ $is$], $and$ $have$ $yet$ $to$ $do$ $a$ $single$ $typo$!


    The only complaint I have would be the battery life. I used my Trēo Pro as an mp3 player using my bluetooth stereo headphones, along with other [slow, but heavy] multitasking. I doubt the PrPrPr&#$275$; $Plus$ $will$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $hold$ $enough$ $charge$ $with$ $a$ $bluetooth$ $stream$ $of$ $music$, $surfing$ $the$ $web$, $messaging$, $etc$., $etc$.

    The great thing about it though, is that I can get an extended battery. So my only complaint can be resolved by something I can slap on the *** of my phone.

    Why AT&T?

    Simultaneous data and voice would be the reason why I purchased this phone with AT&T instead of Verizon. I live in NYC and have had NO ISSUES with AT&T in the past, like fellow iPhoners do. I realize that simultaneous data and voice is possible with the HTC Evo on 4G; however 4G is not in my area. And even if 4G was in my area, Android does not compare with WebOS. The fact that the HTC Evo has no hardware keyboard limits me wanting one even more.

    I did get the phone off the AT&T webstore for $75 using a code off, but I doubt it still works. I do realize you can get it off Wirefly for $50, but I have greater faith in the actual company Iím going to be dealing with.

    Closing comments.

    Again as I stated, I will be doing a video review of the AT&T PrPrPr&#$275$; $Plus$. $I$í$m$ $sure$ $there$ $are$ $a$ $ton$ $of$ $video$ $reviews$, $but$ $I$ $really$ $want$ $to$ $show$ $this$ $off$ $like$ $a$ $cute$ $new$ $girlfriend$ $that$ $has$ $an$ $amazing$ $personality$. $What$? $That$ $wasn$í$t$ $a$ $bad$ $statement$, $pft$.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks for the review and welcome to PreCentral.
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    please test the tethering and tell us if you can tether while talking on your pre. We haven't seen any info about that yet and it would be a major advantage over the jesusPhone that still doesn't allow tethering.

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    What's wrong with IT advertising these days... Palm started the flow thing, then we got the iPad.
    Palm IIIc -> Sony CLI… T650C -> Sony TJ-37 -> Palm TX -> Palm Centro -> Palm Pre Bell -> Palm Pre Plus Bell/Verizon Hybrid -> HP Veer -> HP Pre 3 NA -> BlackBerry Classic -> BlackBerry Priv

    It's a Late Goodbye, such a Late Goodbye.

    Need OEM Palm Pre parts? See here
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    You know, I've had the phone since the first day of release here in Canada and I still love swiping the cards. It really helped when I overclocked to 800mhz (and sorryaboutyourcats, you might want to get in on the 800mhz action)

    Yes battery life sucks. And yes, the battery life of the Evo is probably better but not Blackberry better. I'm using the extended battery and easily get through a day, sometimes even a day and a half. It does make the phone thicker though.

    And feel free to jump on the Preware train. It really enhances the phone.

    Android has more apps, but it's been around longer. The Pre will have more apps, but it will take time, that's all.

    Welcome on board, and looking forward to you video!
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    Great review. I am getting a Pre soon and reviews like this pump me up for the device!

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