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    So I'm planning to upgrade my AT&T Palm Centro to the Pre Plus and I decide to browse the AT&T phone upgrade site to compare the Pre with other smartphones just one last time. Bringing up the iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm offerings on AT&T - I notice that both Blackberry & Palm have customer reviews posted. But the iPhones don't show any. Sure enough, when I click on any of the iPhones to see details, the Reviews tab is missing.

    Could it be that Apple forced AT&T to disable reviews on their phones? What are they afraid of?
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    they're afraid of potential customers seeing all the poor reviews.
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    I see 18 reviews on the AT&T site for Palm - yea... it can take up to 72 hours for a review to show up after posting.

    Apple made Ellen DeGeneres apologize for an iPhone spoof she did on her show, so you KNOW they aren't letting anyone post reviews because they might say something that Steve-O doesn't like...
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    Yep, no ratings at all for the iPhone. Cell Phones & Devices - Wireless from AT&T Every other phone gets ratings, though. Go figure
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    Nothing to see here move along, the oh powerful Iphone is great and shall never be questioned. You are not worthy. Get a Pre and join us.

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