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    4G Forces: AT&T Goes With Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent LTE
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    why did you post this? Everyone already knows sprint is the only one going with wimax and every other carrier is going to LTE.
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    I see no issue posting this.

    I know some friends who don't know what 4G is, let alone LTE.
    Just call me Berd.
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    anyone have anynews on canadas 4g rollout?

    i've googled without much luck. I've seen posts saying it will be out by the 2010 Olympics, considering that was a couple months ago i doubt the articles where accurate.
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    I hope the next ATT Palm phone is 4G, may not be in my area but it's good to be prepared
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    I posted this info in order to let AT&T customers to know what direction is AT&T taken and for pushing a little Pre and Pixi sales there before launch on that carrier.
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    AT&T is on a slower timetable for its 4G rollout than Verizon and Sprint however since HSPA/WCDMA technology has more headroom for bandwidth (theoretically) than CMDA (technology used by Verizon/Sprint) which is why I'd imagine Verizon and Sprint are so aggressive with their 4G rollout. I wouldn't really expect to see an substantial ATT 4G coverage until late 2011/early 2012.
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    well, they have to light themselves up soon, otherwise they will be left behind of the upcoming global wireless ecosystem, starting late this year.

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