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    Ok, here we go:

    I currently have service with Cingular Wireless in Statesboro, GA. It is on the GSM network. I used to have a visor phone, so I already have network access added to my bill. My total monthly bill is 29.99! Pretty damn good for nationwide! Anyway, I am about to purchase a Treo 180/270. I am starting a new job in Macon, GA, where Cingular is on the TDMA network. So here is my dilemma?

    Do I?:

    1. Stay with my current Cingular account and add a second number that is not long distance for others in Macon ( i think this can be done) and pay full price for a Treo


    2. Cancel my Cingular account and go to the ony GSM provider in Macon: Voicestream and get the Treo at a discounted price.
    -How does istream work with the Treo?
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    Seems to me that if you are going ot move to Macon and you want a Treo, your only choice is to wait until you move there and buy one on a new phoneline, be it with Sprint or Voicestream. What's the dillemma?
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    I just had a similar situation. I live in San Diego, CA and have had Cingular service for a couple of years. Haven't been completely satisfied with it, but I love my Nokia 8290.

    I've been waiting for a device like the Treo for a while and when I found the excellent deal on ($149 for the Treo 180), I couldn't resist.

    Funny thing is, Amazon doesn't even mention Cingular for service in my area; they list T-Mobile. I had never heard of them, but their prices are A LOT cheaper than anyone else around here. I used to pay $60 for 500 anytime mins./non-nationwide. With T-Mobile, I get double the minutes, nationwide (worldwide) service for $20 less!

    I've had my Treo for about a week, and I'm pretty thrilled with it. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get a deal on an ISP (I have Road Runner at home and their dial up sucks and won't work with wireless they say). I'm looking forward to Handspring getting the always on 'Net service going on the Treo.

    Hope that helps...


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