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    I just spent an hour or so with Voicestream tech support after once again being unable to register with the network in NYC. (My account is based out of Georgia right now, where it works fine on my Treo)

    The final answer was that I will not be able to roam in a list of several cities, including all of the NY metro area.

    They claim that this is because "another carrier" is standing up a network that interferes, or bleeds over ot the voicestream one and prevents roaming phones from registering. I do see an "AT&T Wireless" option on my phone when I try to manually select a network. Apparently they don't have a roaming agreement with that network, and it has escalated to the courts adn the FCC.

    That may or may not be true, but suddenly being cut off in a rather important market is quite jarring. If I could possibly get the treo on a different network, I would absolutely be pushing to be let out of my contract (since I spend about 25% of my time in NY, this is completely unacceptable)

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    I am a Boston VS customer and have successfully connected to their data network when in NYC. It sounds like a dubious line to me.
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    It is possible that that is considered the same "home region"

    Everything worked great in NY up till a couple of weeks ago. (By "great" I mean the usual network woes - intermittant Data calls, sometimes no voicemail, etc...)
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    So, just for fun I dragged my Treo to a Voicestream store and tried the SIM in a bunch of their phones. The Siemens S40 and Ericcson T39 both registered just fine in NY, the treo, nothing.

    Got back to Atlanta, treo works fine. Guy from the store said he'd had a number of voicestream/powertel customers recently with the same or similar problems.

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