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    I am looking to buy a used treo 180 from a poster to the pilot newsgroup, but he is not sure if it is locked or not. Unfortunately, I will not be using the treo on the same network (he is on voicestream, I will be using it on the Microcell network). Anyone have any ideas without trying another SIM?

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    Hi, I bought a Treo 180 back in april with Rogers AT&T and it was locked (At the time I had a Microcell account). My guest would be depanding where the unit was bought, it is locked for that provider. Also note that at that time Microcell didn't know about the Treo 180, so in case of problems you're probably on your own.

    If you want to go foward with the buy, you will have to contact the old provider so that he'll unlock the unit. In my case, I want to buy a month of service from Rogers AT&T to unlock the unit.

    Because I had a problem with the unit I bought, I ended up switching to Rogers AT&T(The coverage outside Montreal is actually better than Microcell and I'm ofen out of town.)

    Have fun!!!

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