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    I use the VS number to dial into. Is there any SMTP I can use to send mail? It is really annoying. And for some reason I cannot connect to any normal ISP through my Treo.
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    I know that posting it up in a public forum may be bad, but how exactly do you have everything configured and what # do you dial in to?

    I'm using the setup from my visorphone but that isn't working on the 270.

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    I don't know if this will help you in a practical sense, but I seem to be able to use the VS ISDN number for access. Of course, sometimes it refuses to work and I have no idea whether it's all data services or just that number, etc...

    But - when it does work, I can send email using One touch through my own email pop and smtp. However, I own my own domain through, and i have a pop mailbox set up with them...

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    Most SMTP's servers are not setup for relaying - that is - relaying an e-mail from an external network to another. This is to prevent spammers from abusing the mail server.

    Some mail servers (like mine) are setup with SMTP authenication, so you can send mail from any network throut it - you just need to authenticate first.

    I don't think has a SMTP server on their network, and the chances for finding an open server is pretty slim. Your best bet is to convince Voicestream to add SMTP service, or find a server that supports authenication.
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    Does anyone know if Cingular has an smtp address?
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    They do not use an SMTP server. I found that I out the hard way.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    And for some reason I cannot connect to any normal ISP through my Treo.
    To get a 'normal' ISP after using the ISDN setting you need to cancel the ISDN setting with the following Init String:


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    Well, I went out and set up my domain name with another host that gives me a mail account. Now I can send to my heart's content so long as I POP first, which is cool with me because Eudora does it that way. Anyway, if anyone else wants to be set up on my domain, I think I have room for 2 more people. Let me know if you have the same problem I had.


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