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    I posted this inquiry at treomb, but since there are two hotbeds of treo activity, I'm also asking here . . .

    Can anybody recommend an ISP to use along with VoiceStream until GPRS is available?

    Access from major US cities

    Long-term contract

    OK - I'm asking for the world! I have Telocity (now DirecTV) DSL, and it only provides 1 hr dialup per month. I've been thinking of switching to BellSouth DSL, which provides 20 hrs of dialup per month.

    Earthlink is $22/mo. Any better deals that will work with the Treo?
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    Data connection with the Treo is a hit and miss thing. I only have experience with Earthlink but it will do strange things like an access number works fine in one spot but won't if you move a few miles. Which ever ISP you select, be sure it has the capacity to handle data calls, otherwise you'll waste your money.

    Earthlink has the advanatge of having a lot of access numbers in the US as well as overseas. Also, they have a Palm OS program with all their access numbers that you can dowload into your Treo, so if the access numner doesn't work in the spot you happen to be in, you can keep trying numbers until you find one that works.
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    If you don't have the free nationwide longdistance in your calling plan (I don't) then you can't use the ISDN dialup that is posted all over these two sites. I am using Surfbest untill we get GRPS, it's cheap, and it is working for me...Your Mileage May Vary
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    I would have recomended ATT (it works for me and i pay $17), but if surf beat is any good, how can you beat $13.
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    If you don't have the free nationwide longdistance in your calling plan (I don't) then you can't use the ISDN dialup that is posted all over these two sites.
    I read in one post that it is the number that is used by WAP phones on the Voicestream network. If that is the case, there is a chance that while the number is in another state, it isn't billed as a long distance call. On the itemized bill it is listed as a "web access" call, so perhaps it isn't billed as long distance at all! I'd say give it a shot. might save you a few bucks and give you a better ISP to boot.
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    I had passed by postings about the ISDN stuff, not realizing what it was about. I have free long distance and roaming, so I gave it a try and it is working great. Thanks for the help. Able to web browse, receive and send email.
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    I've used for dial up access for many years now. They started in Houston, but have local access numbers for much of the country. Check em out, only 10 bucks a month if you use me as a referal. My account name with them is christo1 (they let me change my account name after so many years, I couldn't get rid of the junk mail). Give them a try


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    best and cheapest I've found is avon - Unlimited, nationwide dialup and it's like $12 a month. Works great for me, been very reliable and I use it with my Treo all the time.
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    Check out

    They charge a one-time $4.95 setup fee, and you get 10 hours a month FREE. This is perfect for me, because I don't want to burn up too many minutes anyway. I use my treo to supplement my broadband connection, not replace it.

    I've dialed-up AvantGo for syncing, and used Blazer to access mobile sites without issues. I've even kept up with World Cup games using tinystocks WCup 2002 manager (pretty slick!)


    1. Phone text support costs extra per incident (email support free).

    2. Email requires use of someone else's SMTP servers (use your existing account?)

    Worth a look...
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    Not sure where you live for access to access numbers, but try for a pretty good deal. It's a pre-paid service, but has all the bells and whistles of Earthlink.

    Here are the details:
    Nationwide access numbers
    Toll free customer support
    Free email account
    10 hours for $3.95 (over one year)
    20 hours for $6.95 (over one year)
    30 days for $9.95 (120 hours)

    It's worked well for me, especially since I only check e-mails on my Treo a couple of times a day. Beats $39/mo. The downside is that your online minutes come out of your monthly total.
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    That seems like a great deal!

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