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    ... a subscription to their internet packages like uverse or home internet.

    i was at an att store last night and talked to a rep. Not sure if it was really true but it could possibly be. I asked when the release is going to be and he said in the next few weeks, soon. and when i asked if the mobile hotspot is going to be free with the pre, he said that it was going to be bundled free if you are an existing customer with att internet subscription...

    If i am not mistaken, currently you can use the att wifi hotspots for free if you are an internet subscriber right?

    so it makes sense to me

    just wanted to share.
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    Sounds like the rep is confused or dooesn't know what Mobile Hot Spot means ...
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    Well that depends on whether they mean 3G Hot Spot or Wifi Hot Spot.
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    I thought Mobile Hot Spot was a Verizon thing. Last time I checked, big "V" wasn't into sharing features with other providers...
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    Mobile Hotspot is a V exclusive here in the US.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    ATT pre plus will be getting automatic access to all ATT wifi hotspots, but they will not get the 3g mobile hotspot.

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