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    Is anybody in Hawaii specifically Honolulu able to connect to their ISP or the VoiceStream ISDN number ? The very first day I got my 270 I was able to and now it has been a week that I am unable to. Multiple phone calls to HS & VS leaves the blame with VS and they say they are working to fix it but have no idea when it will be fixed. This is extremly frustrating and defeats the whole purpose of purchasing the device. I'm really having a hard time deciding wheter I should hold out for the GPRS patch or if they are unable to fix the CSD problem return the 270 before the 30 day return policy expires. Hawaii users please let me know what your experiences are. TIA
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    I have been trying to use Roadrunner as my ISP. Hasn't worked once. Very frustrated!

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    Fallback option if you do return it--does Sprint have coverage in Hawaii?
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    Finally for the first time since the 14th I am able to dial in to my ISP. That was a very very long ten days. I hope it continues to work and is not just a one day thing.
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    Same here. I barely use the modem on the Treo but I'm glad it works.

    Keep in mind that this exact problem happened earlier this year, when I had my Visorphone. That sucked.

    Voicestream reps aren't the brightest, they didn't understand that I created my own dial-up ISP at home. That is how I figured out they were at fault and not the ISP.

    <>....Relaying denied.
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    Ahhhh...see it's tough when you are brighter than the CS reps...hehehe
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