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    So finally I got the GPRS patch for my 270.

    So my experiences are: GPRS works good, sometimes freezing when change between application. The GPRS is always on if u connetced to network..

    There r some more features in the new update,

    1, there is call barring option in the phone.
    2, u can switch on the speakerphone mode before u make a call,

    The GSM library is ver. 1,6

    I am not finished the testing if i found more things comming back..

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    is this (beta) patch only for the 270 or does it work for the 180 too?
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    >u can switch on the speakerphone mode before u make a call

    outstanding! let us know if you find any more changes to other parts of the phone.

    - matt
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    What speeds did you manage to get ?

    Is it configurable?

    What do you mean by:
    The GPRS is always on if u connetced to network..
    Does the GPRS work on 900 as well as on 1900MHz ?
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    Where is this beta? Is it a closed or open beta? I love to beta things. Where is it? Thanks.
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    Is there anyway we can get this GPRS update? I would love to beta test it.
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    ok, so first try to answer to ur questions..

    This is not a public beta as i wrote. This beta was delievered to technicians and service operator to test.
    I didnt get this patch to my hand just was installed on my Treo by my friend.

    So in this stage its impossible to get it i think, but never mind because there r several very very serious BUG in there..

    For example: U r not able to delete or purge msgs, because if u try Treo freezes at that moment...

    There is no problem with GPRS, its really good, I dont know the speed maybe 2+1 or 3+1..

    So more difference in this patch: When u place a call - the 4. button was DIAL PAD. Now its the MUTE button so u can mute the phone during the call with one click..

    There is some problem, when u changing applications... Because in the NETWORK settings u can find GPRS and ISDN connections.. So here u have to connet to GPRS. If u r connected, its a live contact u can go where u want. u can browse the net, or running the ICQ or watch the DATEBOOK..

    Still connected to the GPRS network.. The problem is sometimes when u go back to BLAZER or somewhere else TREO freezes..

    Because its still early in beta.. Hope will be newer build soon..

    For the GPRS connection u dont need to set up anything else just APN NAME and username and password and thats it and press the connect button..

    U will see an extra icon close to signal meter that u r connected to the GPRS...

    So theese r my experience with this patch momently...So this is very unreliable, unstable yet((

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    ohh, and one more thing... this patch is ok for 180 and 180g as well..

    Tomorrow i try to make some pictures about the GPRS setting windows....
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    zsozso this is great info - keep it coming as you get updates. thanks!
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    Not that I'm not pumped for GPRS (hey, the company will pay the ridiculous bandwidth charges) but:


    So more difference in this patch: When u place a call - the 4. button was DIAL PAD. Now its the MUTE button so u can mute the phone during the call with one click..


    this is the best news I've heard about the Treo since the light-up keyboard.

    Way to go Handspring!
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    Originally posted by zsozso

    I dont know the speed maybe 2+1 or 3+1..
    What does this mean?
    -- Go Illini!
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    I think he is referring to timeslots used in GPRS. The more timeslots the faster the speed. The two numbers represent the number of download then upload timeslots. More info can be found here;
    "Increase The Peace"
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    Hi zsozso,

    I've not experienced any freezing when deleting messages. Nor have I experienced any problems when switching to / from Blazer. Have you tried Eudora Web?

    But earlier I did have "freezing" problems when I tried to do a Find. That has been resolved, rather painfully, by doing a total format and then reinstalling each application (and running the Find command) Apparently the problem COULD be Power Jog

    GPRS Speed is most likely 2 + 1

    Since reinstalling everything, I do not seem to encounter any more freezing. Perhaps you might wan to try that also?

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    Can you check the written speed -
    During connection establishment, press the Down key (like scrolling down), in normal connection that displays the speed (9600).
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    Well, using the "hold down button while connecting" trick shows the Treo connecting at 9600. But I think this is not the actual speed because the download and browse speeds that I'm experiencing is definitely much faster than when I was using conventional dial up via CSD.

    If you know of any other methods to test out the speed, drop me a note and I'll be pleased to try it out and report the results.
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    Can one make a voice call while simultaneously using GPRS? It would make me very happy.
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    Many thanks for the interesting guys I am very sorry, but what realised - HS prohibit all the information shared until GPRS patch is in beta status.

    I am really sorry about it, and I apologise from HS to share this info here and apologise from everybody to whom's question i wont (musnt) reply.

    * hope final patch will be on HS website soon and everybody can enjoy it

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    Sorry, you cannot do voice and data at the same time, even with GPRS. That's been the way it is with regular cell phones too. If you're online doing something you cannot get voice calls, they go to your voicemail. On the other hand, the always-on feature of GPRS is kind of confusing on this topic.

    I do remember reading something a while back that some cell providers were working on something to let you know that a voice call was coming in. Then you can pause the data call and come back to it once the voice call is over. I don't know if Handspring is working on that with this patch.

    I just can't wait for this GPRS patch to come out, then Treo Mail will actually be of good use to me. Right now its kind of a waste of money.

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    Have you tried BaseJet? It's still in beta, and does have some glitches. I've only played with it for about a day now. But it's like TreoMail-working-the-way-TreoMail-should-work. Mail is pushed to you from your Outlook instead of being pulled on a schedule from the handheld. You get near real-time notification via SMS that a message is coming in and then it automatically downloads the message. The push is granular down to 1 minute intervals which I find very nice. Almost as good as Blackberry now.
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    u can get voice calls during connected to GPRS system anyway.....It doesnt depend on Treo or Motorola or Nokia. All of them support this features...during phone calls u r not disconnected from GPRS.

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