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    What zsozso says is correct, but should be clarified. Handspring says the Treo will be a class B (they say class 2) GPRS terminal, which will allow you to interrupt a data call for an incoming voice call, but not use both services simultaneously.
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    So the actual data-transfer rates of these “timeslots” (I hate circuit switched networks, and bastardizations there of) is set by the GSM provider? Or am I right in assuming that the 171.2k maximum divided evenly by 8 timeslots gives the Treo (which has prolly 2 + 1 (I’m guessing 2 time slots down, 1 up?)) an approximate theoretical transfer rate of 42.8K?

    Or is it the +1 a burst-able transfer rate? That would put the theoretical rate at 64.2 k, a number that sets off bells in my head.
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    i think every GPRS-Timeslot works with bandwith of 14,4 kbps.
    max. Transferrate for Treo 270 seems to be 28,8 kbps (2 Timeslots) for download and (1x Timeslot) 14,4 kbps for upload.

    that's not realy much!! other devices works with 4+1 Timeslots.

    hope the gprs-update will be available soon and without any freezing..


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    The eight time slots are divided evenly, but because of overhead, there'll only be 14.4k per slot available for data. Thus the rate will probably be 28.8 down and 14.4 up
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    GPRS is two whole data streams. One is for voice the other for data (email, SMS, IMs etc) so that is why you can be on standby with your phone and be on standby with your email (always on) at the same time.

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    Share the Damn patch already!!!
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    hi I also have a question there is no way to turn off the GPRS but keep the Phone on?
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    Any good news for the upgrade for GPRS software for Treo 270 ?
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    Not to be a pain, however some of us are DYING over here! Link to the GPRS patch PLEASE!

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    Originally posted by JameyK
    Not to be a pain, however some of us are DYING over here! Link to the GPRS patch PLEASE!

    Now you know that he can't post a link to a private beta software that he's already said he's not even supposed to be telling us about.
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    Yet 2-3 week...
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    2 - 3 months 2 - 3 years
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    Any News Yet????
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    Originally posted by justinl
    Any News Yet????
    Sorry, not yet.
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    As soon as anyone hears any more about when this quarter please post the info here.
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    What im not understanding is why you would want to use GPRS?

    I have my Treo connected to VoiceStreams ISDN line (which i believe costs me nothing but voice airtime minutes). If this costs me nothing but airtime minutes, why not save the 25 to 35 or ever 40 bucks for GPRS and get the next or second highest service plan (that would mean me going from 29.99 to 49.99) gaining a great amount of minutes to use (more than i could imagine for data use).

    And this "Push" email not understanding it either. Ive never tried a Palm I705 or a RIM pager, so i guess im not getting the concept...but Treo Mail notices me of new mail as it comes in, and im not paying 40 bucks to do so a month!

    And one last comment/question about Treo Mail. Basically, after my 30 day trial of Treo Mail, i would pay 50 bucks to get 1: a notice that i have new mail sent quickly to my phone. 2: quick connect-retrieve/send mail-disconnect (saving me airminutes) and 3: an alright mail program.
    What i dont understand is, why wouldnt i use a different mail program...does Airleon (i think its called?) do just what Treo Mail does, and a lot cheaper? What are the advantages of Treo Mail, and the alternitives?

    Sorry to go off topic, but thanks in advanced for the help.

    g/l with this GPRS business
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    Actually I think theGPRS pricing packages are a total rip-off too, and I will not avail myself of the service. I AM waiting anxiously for the patch, though because it is reported to have the long sought-after mute feature and the ability to turn on the speakerphone before the other party picks up!
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    I love broadband and would never voluntarily go back to dial up on my desktop PC, not that gprs can be considered broadband.

    But, the prices that are rumored to be charged for gprs is too much. I with you, a would probably increase my plan than move to gprs pricing.
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    Until such time as the upgrade becomes avaialable, does anybody have any ideas why I cannot use dialup on my 270 using AT&T as my service provider. My data works with my SIM card in another phone but will not allow me to dial an ISP from my 270?
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