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    How do I access real WAP sites with my Treo? For instance there are all sorts of services that Yahoo offers through the "mini browser" on a phone. How do I get that on my Treo? I know I could go to the real webpages and get the same thing but I'd rather have the lightning fast WAP data sent to me and forget about all the rest.

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    You would need to find the WAP URL. Alot of them are hidden because cell phone providers dont want the end user to know about them. The Blazer browser works with WAP sites. Still, I would recommend that you try PDA friendly sites instead. They are fast too and they are much nice to look at. Check out for a comprehensive list of PDA friendly sites. Also see
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    Just found a WAP directory at This link was posted in another thread.
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    Hey everyone,

    This was something that was bugging me this morning too as I was surfing Mobile Yahoo! and it talked about all of this great stuff that you could get on your mobile phone. So I too was wondering what the deal was and did a little searching here and then on the Web and I believe I have found a way in.

    This backdoor goes via the UK WAP site which seems odd but it works as soon as you login with your Yahoo! ID. The odd thing here is that if you pick US or Canada it just bumps you to the standard Yahoo! screen with only a few items (no directories, no calendar, etc). I found this by doing a little searching at a site

    To get into the WAP site go to via Blazer (this ONLY works on your mobile device) and then pick Y!UK & Ireland. You also need to sign-in so you are seeing the right stuff but it works. A few of the buttons are a little different then we usually see but you get used to it. Very cool and the games even work!!! Enjoy.

    P.S. Another WAP search site is at
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    That was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

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