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    Hi all,

    I'll be moving from a Voicestream area (PA) to a Cingular area (bay area/palo alto) in september. I currently have a treo 180, and was thinking of upgrading to a 270 - but I've heard horror stories on other sites about Cingular's reception/signal strength in the bay area, specifically in the south bay.

    Can anyone confirm/deny the validity of these horror stories?

    I'm wondering if I should just stick with my 180 at least until the cdma treo comes out instead.

    Thanks in advance!
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    FWIW, I was an early adopter of Sprint CDMA in the SF Bay Area, and struggled with it for years. I finally gave up on it, due to the limited coverage (great if you are on or near a freeway, lousy elsewhere). I went for the Treo and Cingular (sort of a no-choice choice). The service is OK, just like every other cellular provider. If it works where you are, you are happy, and if it doesn't, it stinks. I suppose you could order a Treo now on Cingular and give it a try--you have 30 days to return it (I'm not sure how Cingular deals with it).
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    Cingular has a 15 day cooling off period if you are not satisfied with the service. You can cancel your agreement without any early termination fees.

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