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    So, I ask three questions of Voicestream last night.

    When will gprs be available?
    Will there be a beta?
    Can I get on the beta?

    They replied this after noon with:

    "Suggested Answer
    At 05/30/2002 12:05 PM we wrote - Thank you for taking the time to contact VoiceStream Wireless. Handspring hasn't yet announced when the GPRS upgrade will be available or if they will make a beta version available first for testing purposes. The Treo is capable of regular circuit-switched data transfer which requires no additional features added to your account, it just uses minutes out of your regular rate plan. The transmission speed for this type of connection is limited to 9.6kbps and you will need to dial up to your own ISP. Instructions for configuring this type of connection can be found here: . If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to contact us anytime.
    Thank you for choosing Voicestream!
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    Voicestream Wireless"
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    Everything I've read is that the wait is due to Handspring, not Voicestream. I think their 2.5g (GPRS) network is already up and running in much of the country. Indeed I've seen it reviewed in Businessweek. So in the future to have GPRS questions answered, call Handspring.

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