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    Cingular says they have turned on the wireless internet feature on my account and that I need to visit to get the settings for the Treo.

    When I go there and try to create an account, it won't let me, saying my phone # is already in use. This can't be, I never had messaging or wireless internet before.

    Can someone with Cingular in CA provide me with the dialup #, name, and password to use their service? That's all I really need, I could care less about or what I can do with it.
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    You just need to run Configure Your Treo from your desktop and it will walk you through it. You don't need to do anything else. It's actually extremely easy.

    Check out this link for more info:
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    For various reasons, I can't use the wizard. Are the settings top secret or something? Why can't someone just give them to me?

    It won't work unless you subscribe to wireless internet, so it's not like you can get something for free...

    People act like it's a matter of national security, what's the deal? Apparently after running the wizard which sets up your phone, you STILL can't see the settings! (The Treo hides them from you I guess) Frankly I don't like computing stuff that tries to hide things from me, it makes me wonder what's going on.
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    I am completely confused by your last message. First you reply by asking (rudely, might I add) why someone just doesn't post the settings for you and then you end up answering your own question when you realized that after using the wizard, the settings are "hidden".

    Well, the only way that I know how to get it to work is to use the wizard. Posting the settings will not help -- the only way I know of getting it to work is to use it. I didn't write the software, I had nothing to do with it, I'm just answering your original question.

    So if, for whatever reasons, you cannot use the wizard, I don't know what else you can do (other than to just react rudely to people trying to help you).
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    Posting the settings WILL help, because I'm smart enough to be able to key them into the phone myself and not depend on some "wizard".

    What if I'm on the road and my phone gets wiped out? I need to reset the settings, but I can't, until my next sync? That's dumb.

    I know someone has these settings, because they are used in every Cingular phone that has internet access.
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    Please re-read your other post. As much as I'd like to post the settings, I CAN'T, because, just like you've said, some of the settings are "hidden".

    Since we both know that the some of the settings fields are hidden, why do you still insist on someone posting the settings if they can't see them???
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    Because the settings are not hidden on other Cingular phones. That's all. Jeez.

    Someone, somewhere knows the settings. My post was a request for them to be posted. That is all.
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    I suggest you use the settings that they suggest. However, in Network Preferences, you need to change Connection to WIRELESS MODEM

    It is usually set to Current. Also make sure that is the setting in whatever internet program you are using.

    Lemme know if it works.
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    Originally posted by Kan

    I suggest you use the settings that they suggest.
    And those would be?
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    The ones from the CD.
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    When I run the wireless data setup wizard from the cd, it "analyzes" my SIM and says:

    "Data calls are allowed, but your provider does not provide the network. You will need a 3rd party ISP". - or something to that effect.

    I have tried it with my ISP, and it works fine. But the wizard is wrong, Cingular certainly does provide the network! I would like to use it so I can cancel the ISP.
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    1) When running "configure my treo" are you telling it (when prompted) to check the internet for updates? If not it won't configure My Wireless Window. If you do it should.
    2) The "settings" you're referring to are indeed "hidden" - those of us who use the wizard can't see the phone number, etc. - somehow they're very cleverly suppressed when you go in to manually review or reconfigure them...
    3) I searched far and wide for the Cingular ISDN connection info prior to HS updating the Configure my Treo to make this work. The numbers really ARE treated like a national secret or something - I couldn't find them anywhere - really.


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