FDI Voice added FDI Mobile to enhance your savings on all your Telecom needs. Now you can have Unlimited Voice, Text, & Web for just $69.95 per month (plus applicable taxes). No Credit Checks, No Contracts. Everyone QUALIFIES! I dont know about you but I am excited about this. Couple this with FDI Voice and you can eliminate the cost of your home phone and still maintain one.

FDIVOICE is the Solution to Driving While Texting. FDI Money is the answer to the Problem. First, when you become a Representative or Customer of FDI. The company will provide you with a system to eliminate your home phone, and in most cases, reduce the cost of your current cell phone bill. Typical combined savings of approximately $75.00.

FDI Mobile is another area where FDI can help you save money as well. Imagine having a FDI Mobile phone and only paying $69.95 per month UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!
Now you will be able to drive totally hand free using FDI Hands Free. Make calls, send text messages, listen to your email and even reply to your email by the sound of your voice.

SIM Card Only

Already have a FDIMobile phone that you would like to activate—or have an unlocked GSM phone you want to use on the FDIMobile network? Just get a SIM card and have it activated with our unlimited plan. Slip the ready-to-use SIM Card into your phone and youre ready to go.

Please note that FDIMobile can provide service support, but not handset support for SIM Card Only Accounts. FDIMobile only provides technical support for devices purchased through FDIMobile.

(Price on SIM cards - $25 plus $25 activation fee)