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    Good morning!

    I'm a Treo / voice stream customer in South Jersey near Philadelphia and cannot seem to get my blazer to work at all!!! I've tried just about everyones suggested settings and still receive the almighty "Error: Network busy, wrong dial-in number, or data service not enabled. (0x1102)" seems like it would be perfect for me, but still the same error.

    I use the AOL service on it, and am receiving SMS with no problem, so I know it's not the data service.

    Appreciate any advice or direction!
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    Hey Chris,

    You should ask a friend to try their dialup settings to see if the problem is just that your data services are not on.

    I ust thought of an interesting trick to see if data services are working in your area - VoiceStream have been unreliable in the Conneticut/NY area so Jersey could be the same.

    You could setup a network preference to dial your home phone. If the call gets thru then at least you know that data services are enabled.

    Of course, if the network is too busy in your area then you wont be able to get thru either and the 1102 error will show.

    I suggest you try the ISDN settings for VoiceStream available on this discussion board and then you wont even need an ISP. You get an IP feed from VoiceStream.

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    I too am in South Jersey - well Central Jersey - and I have been using Earthlink for internet access. It seems to work reliably, although I appear to have trouble accessing 609 numbers outside of 609. Don't know why. I then use 212 instead and it works fine.

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