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    I just tried to send myself an SMS message from my work PC and nothing has shown up for 30 minutes now. Is anyone having trouble receiving SMS messages via Voicestream today?
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    Just to be pedantic, the problem here is the email to SMS bridge rather than the SMS system per se. THis seems to go down more often than the SMS or data services. VoiceStream need to get more real when it comes to supporting their network - this would never be tolerated in the Asian or European market where they take theie networks seriously and support each service.

    Imagine if you could go to the VoiceStream website and actually get service down information by service just like an ISP.
    - voice services
    - voicemail
    - SMS
    - SMS to email
    - CSD data services
    - WAP data services
    - GPRS services.

    I dream and I hope that the networks come out of their adolescence and start taking their customers seriously.
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    VS's SMS service is horribly slow compared to Euro networks. Worse then that, its unrealiable. One second, it works great. Then next IM someone sends though teh AIM-SMS gateway won't come in for a half hour. Seriously irritating.
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