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    I received my first VoiceStream bill today, and with it they included a few surprises:
    $20 Activation fee. I don't remember hearing about this!
    Almost $10 in taxes!

    Just confirming if the rest of you have been ripped like this as well. I may have to scale back my plan if they plan to continue this crazyness.
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    $20-$25 dollars is pretty standard and is listed.

    $10 in taxes is, in probably order:


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    I tend to use a lot of minutes in the evenings, on Long Distance calls. Since I use Voicestream, I don't get weeknights free - they come out of my general whenever minutes (my single biggest gripe about the treo - sure, it's not handspring's fault, but voicestream is the only GSM carrier I can use...)

    I WAS on the Get More plus plan for effectively $60 a month with free weekends, et al, and 800 whenever minutes. When I called up voicestream to complain about a technical issue, I also asked if there were any other plans I could use that might give me more minutes (aside from the next plan, 1400 minutes for $100).

    The rep offered me a plan for the same price, 60, with 900 whenever minutes, and as far as I can tell, all of the same other features. It's not offered to new customers, but I think existing customers can transfer - It's called the PREFERRED UNLIMITED or something very close to that.

    Good luck!

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    Welcome to VoiceStream.
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    Another thing I just noticed. My bill says 500 min anytime, and it should be 600. Looks like a call is in order. I guess I'm used to this, I had to to do it every other month with Sprint.

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