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    I noticed some AT&T banner ads here on PreCentral this morning. I noticed the ads in the only some of the forums. Not under GSM North America but under the general Pre forum area and under the Themes (non-forum) section of the web page. PreCentral might have just been testing the ads as they seem to have gone away (or I just don't yet understand how the ads are rotated in and out). I noticed AT&T and PreCentral Store ads, but not the Sprint ads this morning. Maybe we should keep an eye on the ads because maybe this means the AT&T pre might happen sooner than we think!

    I grabbed a screenshot of one ad in the event that PreCentral was just testing things.
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    Its not precentral,

    The way I believe it works is that since this is a mobile website google relates it all to cell phones and puts some adds up.

    That's why we even see Nokia and Android devices as adds
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    PC has nothing to do with the adds that show up on the site. They are completely handled by a 3rd party. Computer algorithms determine what you see. It's defiantly not soothsaying anything.

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