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    Many of the people I have called on my new Treo have complained that they hear echo on their side of the conversation (no, they weren't on speakerphone). When this happens, I notice nothing different on my side other than perhaps a slight warbling of their voice.

    I called VS because my phone had a tendency to switch from Full Signal to No Service just sitting there. I'm not surrounded by tall buildings, I'm near an outside window, no RF generating equipment to interfere, and VS says signal strength is good in my area.

    First, VS told me that Handspring installed the wrong SimCard for my market. I had to go to the local VS store and have them swap my card. They said this would probably fix the problem with the signal strength, and the echo. It hasn't.

    I called VS to see if there's anything else they can do and they suggested I speak to Handspring. I called their customer support and they're stumped, but they're sending me a new phone to try out. Hopefully this will solve my problems but I'm not optimistinc. I love my new Treo (although the screen could be a little better), but using it as phone is not turning out to be very dependable.
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    Hi Karl,

    I sympathize with your scenario. You probably are in one of those very localized gray areas where the network has low or equal low stength from two cell towers. I have occasionally got the echo you talk about reported by people I am connected with when traveling in my car but it is a very temporary condition.

    I suggest trying other GSM handsets with your SIM to see if you get the same result in your physical area. Some deal with poor or conflicted signals better than others. You may be lucky enough to find one that gives you a clearer signal or at least you can decide if it is the Treo or the network.

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    The echo is getting more frequent on my Treo (though it doesn't occur with the headset). From what I gather, it DOES NOT seem to be related to signal strength. It used to only occur once every couple of DAYS and last only a few seconds. Now it occurs every couple of CALLS and lasts continuously, so that I have to call the person back.

    I was in denial for a while. Now I am VERY CONCERNED. Karl, does it still occur with your replacement model?
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    I was in denial for a while. Now I am VERY CONCERNED. Karl, does it still occur with your replacement model?
    Honestly I can't say. Look at my other thread to see why:

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