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    I know this gets brought up every so often, but with the changes going on, it seems appropriate to re-address it periodically.

    Any thoughts on an ISP that is either free, pay-for-use, or really cheap that works for the PDA's using phone modems?

    I am looking at and it looks pretty good for my needs, using the 'dial-up networking' options- but I have no idea if I can access it with the Thinmodem.

    Any thoughts, recommendations, etc.?

    (I sold one Thinmodem in frustration over this issue, and now I want another for upcoming vacations, etc.... but if there is not a good, cheap/free, WORKABLE ISP then I'll just stick to Juno on the laptop.

    (PS- tried Juno and RASSPY, and cannot seem to make it work- but maybe I am doing it wrong?)
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Who do you use for your ISP now? I currently use Alltel, they have access numbers across much of the state, and just use regular PPP connectons. We use the Username & Password from our DSL account and it gets us right into the Dial-up service.

    The other option is AT&T Worldnet (cheap). When we travel outside NE, it gives us local access numbers across the country, and is pretty cheap. Check out the page from on how to find out your username and password for use with Worldnet. MemoWare has a PalmDoc with the access numbers isted in it.

    For more info on free / cheap ISP's, Dave'sInfoPage has a nice list of links to sites that list these.
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    Thanks, 66!

    My current ISP is, which claim to have a dial-up access, but every time I have called about it, they have told me to use AltaVista's free ISP- which went out of business long ago!

    Most of the resources for free ISP's I can find (and I have not checked Dave's pages out lately) are so out of date that they still include ISPs that went defunct a year ago- thanks for the ideas of other places to look!

    I appreciate the suggestion for WorldNet. I know about them, but I really don't want to pay ANYTHING if I am already doing cable internet access and just want to occasionally use the laptop and my Prism for some light-duty surfing a few hours a month- IF this is possible! looks pretty good- first 10 hours/month free, $1./hour after that, to a max of $10 a month. You can use Dial-Up Networking settings, so there is no proprietary software you need (indeed, they offer some, but the comments all sugest skipping that), and on a couple different discussion sites for free ISP's, they seem to have a pretty decent track record.

    Downside- rather spotty coverage. The only Nebraska number, for example, is in Bennington. I also do not yet know how they handle membership and billing.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I have tried this service and it is SLOWWWW!
    In fact it doesn't even connect anymore.
    It connected the first few times I tried it but I cannot get it to authenticate any longer.

    They have no support for wireless modems is my guess
    I cannot figure out the whole ISP issue.
    I have not found anything that works yet which is free.

    I am trying to get the Voicestream ISP to work but I don't have a user name or password.

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    For MY needs, wireless access is not a concern- I don't even have a cell phone, much less a wireless modem- but if access-4-free is glitchy or slow it may not be worth the effort either.

    Any other users out there?
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I actually connected today again and it is up & running.
    My internet needs are also minute.
    But access-4-free seems to work.
    I just had my modem set-up incorrectly.

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