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    There should be a law against phone companies in cahoots with these companies that charges so called phone premium services. T-Mobile is washing off their hands on these billing saying that I have subscribed to these services.

    Is there really nothing that the consumer can do about these? Where does one start about addressing this issue other than T-Mobile saying they have no control on these?

    It is their network and it is their billing. How does that work as no control?
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    What are the name of the services? I know how to stop them here with Sprint and I would imagine its very similar.

    Give me a name and I will figure it out for you!

    Edit: Customarily in my store when this happens to people we will credit their account a few billing cycles for the charges and notate the account that we educated the customer on these subscription third party services. In the future if they have the same problem we will not credit the account but will still help them un-subscribe.

    Edit2: What I believe you have to do is a quick google-search for 'third party service name' stop. It should be a five digit code that you need to text the word stop to. You should receive a reply email letting you know that you have been unsubscribed.
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    I did that and one reply said my account was unsubscribed and then the other two says that there was no subscription for the account which is why it bothers the heck out of me.

    This reminds me of the 976# on the land line where you did not have the recourse before until the phone company provided a way to block those.
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    Whenever you get billed by third party places, especially ringtones by text you received earlier by a number like 97776 and you see a message like "free ringtones...blah blah, blah" watch out! read at the bottom of the message, because it says, if you don't want to receive these messages, reply S or "stop" back, or you will be charge 9.99 PER MESSAGE!! i don't know why Most of the companies doesn't stop this type of unwanted messages, but they do. So if you do get charged, call your provider and see if they can refund you the amt, but there are times that you have to do it yourself.
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    That's why I said this has to be stop from the source. I am sure the the phone company earns revenue despite their disclaimer.

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