I just recieved my TREO 2 days ago and while the voice qualtity is great the data service sucks (Voicestream). I keep getting Network Busy errors when trying to connect to Earthlink. I set up a RAS server at home to test. I am able to connect to Earthlink and RAS maybe 4 out of 200 try's....tested all areas of town and all hours of the day. It seems like the data call goes through but TREO has a really hard time negociating with the other modem. I tried the +CBST=0,0,1: and +CBST=7,0,1; and +CBST=71,0,1; ideas but nothing seams to help. It seems like there is a bug in Wavecom's firmware, TREO code, or Voicestream's network. Once it does connect it's very stable.

Any Ideas??? I have ordered replacement.